Beautiful Barn Wedding | Minneapolis and Denver Photographer

I knew I loved Ashley and Aaron the day I met them! I've always been a hopeless romantic, so when Aaron told me all about how amazing Ashley was and how much he couldn't wait to spend his life with her, my little photographer heart knew I just had to work with them. (Lucky for me, they felt the same!)

It may have been a little rainy on their wedding day (ok, so it poured!), but I really didn't notice. Ashley and Aaron's happiness and excitement to be getting married were infectious - everyone around them could feel it. No amount of rain could bring them down!

Maybe that was because it wasn't the first time these two have had to learn to dance in the rain. The day Aaron proposed they had planned a trip to Stillwater and Ashley was pretty darn sure that was going to be the day he popped the question. But when they got there and it was raining, she realized it was pretty unlikely to happen since their plans had been ruined. But Aaron knew that he couldn't wait to get a ring on her finger!

With a quick change in destination to Taylors Falls and a day spent exploring by the river, Aaron asked her to marry him. And, obviously, she said yes!

Now they are married and I am so, so excited for the amazing life I know they will have together! Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Brown!!