The Man Behind the Curtain: Mr. Aaron Landin!

It’s no secret that I am a hopeless romantic. I mean, I literally chose a career where I can be surrounded by love every single day! But today I’d like to celebrate the man who inspires (or puts up with?) my endless romanticism, my amazing husband Aaron.

Today is our two year anniversary and the 10-year anniversary since we met. (What can I say? We took it VERY SLOW in the beginning! #friendzone) He is the person I share my secrets with, plan my future with, and laugh with every single day.

Wedding Day2.jpg

Aaron is amazing in way too many ways to include in one blog post - I could write novels with all the examples I have. But when it comes to Life and Art Photography, there are a few things I think you should know about Aaron. (Because there is a lot he does that makes L&A run that no one else ever gets to see!)

1) When I get home from a shooting a wedding, it feels a lot like I’ve just completed a marathon; I’m sore and exhausted. The second I get home, my first priority is hugs and kisses for Aaron and our sweet pup Pancake, so my equipment stays in the car. And without ever being asked, Aaron is the one who gets it and brings it all in the house so I can relax and cuddle with Pancake on the couch. He also stays up as late as it takes for me to upload all of the photos from the day, so we get to go to bed together. (Pancake, however, does not do this!)

2) He’s the one who proofreads blog posts like these to make sure my frequent typos and excessive use of exclamation marks are kept in check. (He didn’t read this one, though!!!!)

3) I am a talker. About everything. And he listens. TO EVERYTHING. Sometimes I really can’t imagine how he is able to actually remember all the many, many things I tell him, but somehow he does. All my business ideas, big dreams, random tangents about that person I haven’t seen since elementary school - he hears it all. (And somehow still decides to start conversations with me.)


4) While I am off at weddings and shoots, guess who is at home taking care of Pancake? Or making dinner when I am stuck in front of my computer all night? You’re right - it’s Aaron! He makes plans around helping me do what I love.

5) He brings me hot chocolates. Enough said!

6) Every time I see some other photographer posting beautiful images that make me feel like I can’t compete; his is the voice in my ear telling me how talented I am. (Literally - he likes to sit really close to me on the couch!) His positivity and encouragement never fail to make me smile.

7) He has no problem joining (or starting!) my frequent mid-day dance parties. Especially if Usher’s “Yeah” comes on!

8) He’s a teacher, without knowing the subject. Sometimes I make mistakes (*insert shocked face here*), and those bad investments or missed opportunities are always followed by a lengthy conversation with Aaron about what happened - like I said, I’m a talker. Being the positive man he is, he listens to every issue I have even if he doesn’t understand exactly what I am talking about. He also doesn’t focus on what I messed up - instead he asks me what I could do differently if that situation comes up again. That mentality of his is the inspiration to a lot of how I run my business. Without even knowing exactly what went wrong, he teaches me how to make it better the next time around.

Wedding Day 4.jpg

9) He makes sure I never forget Pokemon GO events. Ok, so this one doesn’t really relate to photography, but it is pretty darn helpful!

10) He has never once doubted that my business would be a success (no matter if I didn’t share that same positivity). He’s supportive at all times.

So, Aaron, this blog is for you. Thank you for being my best friend, the man behind the L&A curtain, and the positive influence that brightens all of my days.

Happy anniversary! I love you!!