Do you travel?

Um...heck yeah! I travel between Honolulu, Denver, and Minneapolis regularly, but there is nowhere in the world I won’t go to. My bucket list still has plenty of places just waiting to get checked off, like Iceland, Alaska, Australia - I could go on forever!

Does travel cost extra?

Nope! Travel is built into the cost of the package so there are no surprise fees. I like to make things as easy as possible on my couples!

Do you take the drone to every wedding?

Yes! I absolutely love epic drone photos. There are a few rules I need to follow with my drone, though, so during our consult we will discuss locations where we can safely bring it out.

Do you use the drone during the ceremony?

Not usually. The drone is kind of loud and a little distracting for guests, and I want them to be focused on what really matters: you! It is definitely better for bridal portraits.

Do you do wedding albums?

Absolutely! They are one of my favorite parts of wedding photography because they tell the complete story of your day so well. Email me and I will include the album options.

What is a timeline consult?

A wedding day timeline can either make your day stressful or a total breeze, and we definitely want it to be a breeze! A few weeks before the wedding, we will sit down and talk through the day to make sure there is time for absolutely everything you want to do on your wedding day, including some wiggle room in case anything gets behind. That way, when the day comes, you’ll have nothing to do but relax and enjoy it!

What do you mean when you say coverage includes “the whole day?”

When I was planning my own wedding, I had no idea how many hours of coverage I would need. 7? 8? 25?? But we also didn’t want to try to fit more things into a small number of hours and stress ourselves out running around on the day. As your photographer, I don’t want that either! I will start an hour before you put on your dress and stay an hour after your first dance, and we can fill all the time in between any way you want.

How many photos will we get from the wedding day?

The good ones, all of the good ones. You can expect about 75 photos for every hour I’m shooting. But don’t worry about the numbers; I’m going to get you every good image I possibly can!

How soon after the wedding will we receive our photos?

Four weeks. Just think, in a month you’ll have your full wedding gallery. Pretty neat, right?

We don’t need all-day coverage. Is there another option?

Definitely! I can create a custom package for you; just include the details of your day in your initial email, and I will send over some options. Let’s do this!

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